Sunday, July 4, 2010

Max's 1 Month Photo Shoot

These photos are a long time coming, but to my credit, we didn't get the CD with the images until maybe 3-4 weeks ago. We did a photo shoot on Max's one month birthday. Of course he is much bigger now that he is just over 4 months old, well, not that much bigger. In fact he is in the 0.44% for his weight. This just means that he wants to stay cute and tiny for a while longer so I can relish all the little baby moments before he grows up to be a big boy. Max was supposed to be asleep for pretty much the entire photo shoot but he decided that wasn't going to happen. So all of his sleeping naked baby pictures are eyes wide open, naked baby pictures. Only after an hour of shooting and mild frustration on my part did he finally fall asleep and let us get some sleeping baby pictures.

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Stewart Family said...

So stinkin cute. I actually love the wide eyed picture. It shows so much personality.