Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our Shed-Building Project

While Justin was gone this summer he designed the shed that we are building in the backyard. It certainly hasn't gone very quickly but it will be cool to say that we built it ourselves. Check it out....Here's Justin making one of the walls.
Two walls up, 2 more to go. These things are heavy!
I know that you must be impressed with the trusses we made, try not to be jealous.
Justin securing the top of the roof. What a man!
We nearly got all the shingles done on this side of the shed over the weekend. We had to stop since they got hot and were burning our skin (not to mention that we had been working on it for about 5 hours straight.


Tom and Alison said...

That's awesome you guys, nice work, we're super impressed! Don't forget to invite us over for the shed-warming party! Wooooo Partaayy! Sorry we didn't get to hang out longer last Saturday, but it was great to see you guys for a bit at least. Let's get together again soon.

Ali & Tom

Stewart Family said...

Way to go, nice work. I am defnatley impressed. Building shelves in our basement was enough work for the two of us and are just put it together shed was plenty of work too.

The Steenblog Fam said...

Hey Guys- Nice work! We can't wait to see you! I will have to come up with an awesome white elephant so you will have something to hang in your shed. Love ya-Er and Fam

Shawn and Julie Yates said...

Sweet! I knew all those long days in the heat and sore muscles would pay off! :)

CValentine said...

I am seriously impressed. Maybe someday I can be so cool. But for now I have only two goals:
I know, I know; one step at a time, Valentine.